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Careful with cables to the matrix! This is how the backlight changes in this TV model. As usual. Thanks for In this topic I will tell you and show you how to replace the backlight on your Philips 32PHS4062/60 TV yourself. Disconnect all wires, remove all boards and speakers But additionally there are latches. Someone already repaired a year ago, judging by the inscription. The current was underestimated – this is good, but this did not save from breakdown.
During installation, I noticed that the polarity does not match, but this is a “marriage” that does not affect operation. Attention! If you do not have experience in parsing TV or other similar equipment, it is better to give it to the masters! Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the matrix. I prefer to shoot together in a frame. Otherwise, in case of damage, you will have to go to the store for a new TV Change the backlight completely, do not save! Sometimes black spots appear in different places, the brightness of the backlight sometimes drops sharply on LG TVs, etc.
The bars are screwed to the TV case – unscrew and change to new ones
Unscrew the screws around the perimeter that hold the frame. TV made in mid-2018 (worked ~ 3 years).
I changed the backlight in September last year, the photo did not survive, but no flashes or other things were observed. We start disassembly by removing the back cover. Now you need to remove the matrix.
We transfer it to a free space (I do this by holding the frame from top to bottom in the middle)
We put the screen down on a flat surface and unscrew all the screws. When installing the matrix, we make sure that all the corners are in their places, do not lie on the plastic frame. It is located under the backlight connector, PR21 We snap off the latches around the perimeter, do not forget to peel off the matrix board from the TV case. Or be very careful! I am not responsible for your actions.
Turn the TV over (holding the matrix with your fingers on both sides) and snap off the frame with a plastic card. How can I tell if the backlight is the problem? Usually this is – there is a sound, but there is no image (it is viewed if you shine a flashlight on the screen). Now you need to lower the current – this was done before me, showing the resistor that needs to be removed.
More board
Highlight link HERE
Remove the cover.
Remove the diffusing films

Replacing the backlight on a Philips 32PHS4062/60 TV

Hello everyone!
We assemble everything in the reverse order. But more often just a black screen.