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Cheese powder in the easy-going kitchen

Cheese powder has long been used in industrial food production: all kinds of pastries, snacks, sauces, etc.

And of course, when it comes to industry, buying anything less than 50kg is extremely problematic.

There used to be iHerb with a good offer of 4 Cheese powder, but now I’m not at all sure that it works with the Russian Federation, and it would be nice to support a domestic manufacturer.

It’s especially nice when this manufacturer turns to face us and offers a small package.


And I barely found one on Avito, then I found out that they are also on WB (upd. We ran out of wildberries, so I’ll leave a link to Avito). This is not an advertisement, everything is bought for their hard-earned money. And in general, perhaps the only suggestion that I googled.

I’ll start with a little lyrical digression.

The main principle of camp cooking for me is to reduce hemorrhoids, both in terms of picking the layout and its preparation.

Therefore, on the route, in fact, the only acceptable cooking method for me is brewing.

I used to think a lot about homemade sublimates.

By the way, I also made the same cheese powder.

But almost ten years have passed since then. I’m completely lazy and now it’s easier to concoct a "store layout".

What’s in the fast food store? BP-shki, puree, and various cereals.

However, for a couple of years, couscous has been my main dish. This is wheat groats. It is tasty, nutritious and, most importantly, it brews very quickly.