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I wonder how much it would weigh if all its parts were made of steel? Fidget spinner, spinner, hand spinner (English fidget spinner, hand spinner) is an entertaining rotating toy. The toy is made of various materials – brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper or plastic. The quality of assembly and processing of components is at a fairly high level. I wanted something interesting and not like everyone else … Spinners became popular only in 2017. The material and design of the bearings affects the duration of rotation, the type of vibration and noise produced, creating sensory feedback. Experts are divided in their assessment of the health benefits of a spinner, some believe that it can help in stressful situations, acting as a sedative, others deny this possibility and believe that the toy is more of a distraction than helps to concentrate. Spinners have become popular among schoolchildren who perform various tricks with it. Spinners have been banned from some schools in the US on the grounds that toys distract children from their studies. In the center of the https://jiji.ug/car-parts-and-accessories/bosch spinner there is a metal or ceramic bearing, several blades / wings or weights are radially located. Inside the spinner itself and the hexagon key. Compared to a regular small spinner. Well, when my friend bought a spinner, I realized – I want to!
Quoting from Wiki But despite this, it weighs 155 grams. The spinner is completely made of metal. The base, apparently, is made of aluminum or some kind of light alloy, and the gears are made of brass or copper. The spinner looks and assembled just fine. When we are nervous or bored and don’t know what to do with ourselves, someone bites their nails, someone snaps their fingers, someone pulls their hair, someone plays with a fidget cube, but the most “advanced” of course spinning spinner 😉 Until recently, I did not understand why I need it? But there are more and more people around with this funny toy. The spinner arrived in such a case with a lock. The assortment and quality in local shops and markets is not very encouraging.

Unusual spinner for "severe Chelyabinsk men"