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This is a good sign when a manufacturer is proud of his name and tries to emphasize it.
The backrest with the seat, as well as accessories are packed in plastic bags However, having unpacked the package with the seat, I calmed down – the screws were already screwed into their seats.
After all the screws have found their
place, the chair takes on the necessary form.
It is pleasing that in the countryside, and even in the neighboring Ryazan region, furniture production remains.
Kit for self-assembly of the chair
consists of a soft back with a seat, a cross with wheels (5 pcs.), a gas lift with a cover, a seat fastening mechanism and two armrests Seat depth 45 cm I was afraid that leatherette would make my ass sweat, but no – now I’m writing a review in 30-degree heat and I feel fine.
They are inserted rather tightly The seat is moderately soft, the butt does not fail, but it does not stiffen after a long work.
The manufacturer did not provide any plugs for the screws.
But this operation does https://jiji.ng/22-air-coolers/arctic not take much time
For some reason, on the store page it is indicated that the upholstery material is genuine leather.
Minimum gas lift height (from floor to bottom edge seat) 39 cm There is flash in the hole for the gas lift on the crosspiece
But that’s exactly what I wanted, because I roll right under the keyboard shelf and constantly strike at the bottom edge of the shelf at the place of their contact. This will interfere with the assembly and in the future the edges will be frayed. The chair is delivered in a cardboard box of impressive dimensions
-degree heat in search of the necessary hardware. Recently, I’ve been noticing that my back has started hurting while working at my home computer. But this is sad. The box is sealed with hefty staples that don’t look like copper. The manufacturer has set a maximum load of 120 kg.

Armchair Atlant PL from the company "Fabrikant", Ryazan

We bait the screws at all attachment points, but do not tighten until the end
These staples pierced through the assembly instructions. My back no longer hurts after working at my home computer. It is located exactly where you need it.
The maximum tilt angle when swinging is quite large – about 45⁰
A metal tag with the brand name is sewn on the side of the back.
I am satisfied with the chair. As they say warm and dry. In order for the chair to swing back, the handle should be under the right hand of the person sitting I went to furniture stores in my city and was upset by the prices. The leather is artificial, but of quite high quality.
The back of the seat did not impress at all.
Despite its considerable weight, almost 15 kg, the box does not have carrying handles
Manufactured by Fabrikant company, Ryazan region, Polyany village.
The same mention is on the armrests. A soft leather or fabric armrest will not withstand such treatment for a long time.

A zipper is sewn in the center of the back on the back, but the lock is nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, he sat in the chairs he liked, twisted, swayed, fidgeted – in general, he carried out a full test drive.
The mechanism for fastening the seat and swinging the chair is massive, made of thick, well-painted steel
The headrest is also very comfortable.
Well, that’s all, we connect the seat with the gas lift and the chair is assembled Is it so? Time will tell. Swing can be turned off by pushing the gas lift handle inward. The manufacturer positions it as a class C executive chair I did not notice much difference in swing with this adjustment.
And on the cover of the gas lift itself The wheels are small plastic.
There are also complaints about the quality of plastic elements. There is no such thing here, it rolls like clockwork
Unfortunately, the holes are not processed in any way. You need to assemble the seat frame. Tambov vodka with a wolf has long been gone, and soon we will be left without our furniture. This means that he is also proud of his products, and is confident in their quality. At work, he has already worn holes under the same wheels We’ll have to buy them in MebelSam We bait the screws again and only then tighten them tightly. Usually with such wheels, the problem is to drive off or drive up to the table. The back is supported by a tight lumbar support. We unscrew the screws from the back and side of the seat. Hands are also in place on the armrests. The instruction says that you need to start with the installation of the wheels
Surprisingly, the chair rolls very easily.
The gas lift adjustment has a flat ribbed handle
Let’s start assembling.
Next, we insert the gas lift into the mounting hole of the cross . But strong and solid, as their second task, in addition to supporting the arms, is also to create the frame of the chair I checked the chairs chosen in terms of convenience on the Internet and found an affordable option. Of course, this disgrace in the assembled form will not be visible, but how much did the manufacturer win with this decision? Unlike upholstered furniture, here the sellers did not express any negative.
The gas lift is ordinary, in appearance, like in other chairs They became a chair made of leatherette with a rocking mechanism Atlant PL. What’s the point then?
If the numbers tell someone about something, I quote It is not true.
But again, this is all secondary and will not be visible in the end. For my height of 178 cm, the head fits exactly on it, and the bend goes just along the neck.
Maximum gas lift height (from the floor to the lower edge of the seat) 51 cm I don’t think that rubberized ones would greatly increase the cost of the chair, but the laminate would say a big thank you. What did I like about this chair? First, it is very comfortable for me to sit in it.
Seat/back width 51 cm
Back height 69 cm The second cylindrical handle regulates the swing force. I can safely recommend The chair under me does not crack, does not creak and does not stagger. Our, equally rural, Tulinovo furniture factory was demolished, a sign for the sale of land has recently appeared on its fence. My weight is 95 kg. There is only one conclusion – it is necessary to change the computer chair.
The chair looks presentable and solid. The chair, of course, is delivered disassembled I haven’t seen this at work. It enters effortlessly.
The armrests are simple , plastic. Some kind of translucent cloth, nailed around the perimeter with staples.
Well, the last stage of installation, installation of the rocking mechanism.

Next is the most time-consuming step. Dense and with the invoice imitating natural skin. There is still a margin of safety. It would seem a trifle, but the view spoils.