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Therefore, when I saw information about a discount on Oneodio A71D in one of the VK publics, I decided to order it. .
The jack has 4 pins, and is suitable for connecting the headset to phones, laptops with one 3.5mm jack or, for example, to a game console. . . For example, now there is a coupon for the LOVEONEODIO1 store, which gives a -2$ discount on all orders over $3.
The sound here is on a budget. This concludes the review.
After 40 days, I picked up the parcel at the post office. In general, the sound is at the level of the same
budget headsets. Straight. But at the same time, I let my wife listen to the headphones, she says that the sound is good.
The ear pads, as I wrote above, are made of leatherette. Slightly below the headphones, there is a small block on the cable that contains the volume control wheel, the Play / pause button and the mechanical microphone mute lever: I have heard about the Oneodio company many times, even here on the https://jiji.com.gh/17-smart-tvs/bluetooth muse. Slightly lowered towards the bottom. All in order to lure the buyer with the appearance.
In general, the quality of the headset does not raise any questions. Of the interesting, only the characteristics: Cable 2: 2m cable with 3.5mm jack In addition, larger speakers require a more powerful sound source.
Hello everyone. There is a standard 3.5mm jack at the end of the cord. They look good. . For example, if you listen to music through your phone, it immediately becomes clear that he is not able to shake these same headphones: Total: you can take headphones, but only if there are no complaints about the sound, and there are coupons that give a discount. Assembled with good quality. And the sound here, to be honest, exactly at its price.
If you listen to music on a computer, the situation becomes better.
The microphone itself can be adjusted, set the one you need shape: Mostly the reviews are positive. Cable 1: detachable microphone
There is a non-detachable cable on the left earpiece. Frequency response: 20-20kHz . Headphones are quite suitable for people who do not have requirements for high-quality sound. .

What is the result? Of the minuses, I also note that they are suitable only for small and medium-sized heads. I’m not writing a review on Ali for a product. Or you can use other coupons with
dobivka and get a bigger discount. The main body material is plastic. . This reduces the cost, but the downside of this solution is the fogging of hey uh uh ears. Not suitable for big head buyers. . .
I will duplicate:
In addition to the headphones, there are instructions in English, a removable microphone and an adapter from one 3.5mm plug to two 3.5mm plugs (required for connecting the headset to computers) Inside there are iron sleds for adjusting the coverage of the head, leatherette temple and ear cushions, high-quality silicone wire and very soft. Here is the perception of different people. There are all sorts of circles, badges, fentiflyushki. Now about the sound.
The headband of the headphones is plastic, covered with leatherette on both sides. The price with delivery came out to $ 13.99, which is generally not that much for a headset. There are no complaints about it, the speech is clear, without noise and echo. (By the way, the microphone can also be used separately from the headset) Impedance: 32 ohms I wish you all good mood and strong Rich bass is promised on the store page, but, to be honest, it is here, but it is very clamped.
They are foldable.
. There are no complaints about the production either. Well suited for Skype, negotiations, possibly games. Soundproofing film: PET My ears are not the largest, so they are completely covered with ear cups. If you need to connect the headset to a regular computer, then we use the supplied adapter: This is the whole review. Cable 3: double 3.5mm ‘Y’ cable -extension

It’s not that I need a headset, but my plush and shopaholic couldn’t get past such a price. Above
engraved by the manufacturer:
The microphone is made on a flexible but rather rigid wire, it keeps its shape well: But I found the sound muffled and a little mumbling. Now about the headphones. Plug type: 3.5mm The headphones fit perfectly on my medium sized head.

Speaker: 40mm And this means that if you have a large head, then the headphones may be small. But I’m already spoiled for a better sound, so here, because of my booming and stiffness, I didn’t like the sound. The microphone was tested by me in discord and skype. Today I want to talk about a headset for PC called Oneodio A71D. Sensitivity: 110dB ± 3dB Everything is at the level of budget headsets, in some places even a little better (silicone cord, mechanical microphone mute) I would like to believe that such a cable will last longer than ordinary pvc laces and other budget headsets.
The cable is almost 2 meters long (if you count the length of the plug)
From the bottom also leatherette. With it, the price of these headphones drops to $19.61. It can be seen that the headphones claim some kind of design. There is foam under it, and in general the headband is quite soft and comfortable: Headphones are really assembled and look pretty good.
. But at the same time they are opened almost to the limit.

Review of Oneodio A71D budget wired headphones/headset

It is made of silicone and is quite soft. The headphones are assembled well, they look strong, they lie well in the hands. I haven’t tested it yet, but I’m satisfied with the product, 5 stars to the seller. To adjust the coverage, there are notched sleds.
The instruction in the kit is quite extensive, but has a lot of unnecessary information. . Removable microphone and adapter: Specifications
. Inside the package was the following box:
There is a 3.5mm hole on the bottom of the right earcup for connecting a microphone: