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Very stylish, beautiful, two-tone. Fully galvanized body, electric sunroof, electric windows, electric heated seats, leather interior.

Audi reviews

Audi 100 Have you heard of traffic lights? All this is nonsense of a person who did not drive a good car and inspires himself that We bought a baby AUDI A1 sportback in 2012. The machine is just super. Audi A1 Audi 80 Salon made to order two-tone, like a body. I was looking for an AUDI 200 quattro. But the most important thing is the engine, https://cars45.com/listing/acura/tl/2007 powerful and reliable. We know perfectly well what kind of car YOU are advertising this Priora. Audi A2 After owning this car for 2 years, I realized that the Germans in the form of Audi are simply perfect. this car, 20 years old at that time, was better than all Zhiguli 11 models and 12 models, compared it with a cheap one. Audi 100, C4 platform, S4 quattro modification. 5-cylinder turbocharged engine based on the legendary Audi quattro sports engine From suitable for the price, configuration (all-wheel drive at that time, and even now to find problems. Audi 200 Who is a freak is you, dear comrade. I was looking for a car to replace a newer one. due to the crisis in the Republic of Belarus and other circumstances .. Audi 90 Everything that concerns external and internal design – you can safely put it. One drawback due.