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Follow the instructions set by your mysterious investor and use your ROV to collect and document artefacts which could unveil more truths of the tragic sinking. Witness the sinking of RMS Titanic from the eyes of a survivor. Follow the Matthew family and their attempt to board the limited number of lifeboats; and join survivors on-board dr bets Lifeboat 6 as RMS Titanic tragically sinks in the North Atlantic. An historically accurate recreation of this tragic event, based on eye-witness testimony and substantial research. Titanic VR is an immersive educational interactive story and game; with over 6 hours of game-play you will leave with a greater understanding of the historic tragedy that unfolded in 1912. Witness the voyage and endure the sinking of the grandest, most luxurious ocean liner ever built.

  • You must get aside each one to make a way to the door.
  • Experience the Titanic in all of its glory, witness the iceberg collision and the sinking of the most famous ocean liner.
  • So throughout the gameplay, you’re traveling from present to past.
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One of the most exciting features of the game is the ‘mystery’ feature in the slot game. The mystery feature starts with a popular scene from the cinema – the scene where Jack draws a portrait of the beautiful aristocrat Rose DeWitt Bukater. This scene is an integral part of the movie because it demarcates the onset of a loving relationship between Rose and Jack on the R.M.S Titanic. The game incorporates many different clips and scenes from the actual movie to make it all the more exciting.

Dr bets | Titanic: The Board Game

Head over to VegasSlotsOnline to play the Titanic online slot for free. Check out the game’s special features to decide whether you’d stake real money on this game. Though Jack lacks money and title, he is kind and intriguing, and Rose falls in love with him. The tragic ending sees the Titanic sunk, and Jack giving his life to save Rose’s.

Play Titanic Online

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This marks the only experience where you can see Titanic artifacts directly from the wreck site and is curated utilizing the largest global and historical partnerships. Try to play some games from recommended games section. After developing a new suit for diving in deep waters, Urine and Deepman decide to use it to search for the Titanic. This dive will be useful to test the new suit, but also to find the secrets that are hidden in the lost ship.

You might know playing puzzle games isn’t easy as players consider; in short, many puzzles may require additional time than your expectation to get solved. Therefore, we bring you the Escape Titanic Walkthrough Guide with all possible solutions. Step aboard the most famous ocean liner that ever set sail, and experience the RMS Titanic in all of its beauty. You take on the role of a first-class passenger on the Titanic, witnessing the tragic iceberg collision and the sinking of the largest and most luxurious ocean liner to have ever been built. Immerse yourself in this simulation either with other players or by yourself. When I first heard about Titanic The Game, I was pretty concerned about the morbid context of what the game was actually about.

You get some winnings at the end of the free spins, and winning chances are quite high. After heading to the table, you may find a paper revealing alphabets with the help of a bar. Next to that, a paper will appear with a puzzle to solve. You must use the machine to type the letters as shown on the paper. Typing the letter requires you to tap or hold the button accordingly to the bar shown in the paper.

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The next puzzle is pretty easy and understandable as anyone can complete it without any help. Tap on the image hanging on the wall and play a mini-game of finding a way to exit. Hold the Bilge Pump to remove the rest of the water and escape. You must get aside each one to make a way to the door. For that, you must bring all people to the right side. Gossip Cards – These cards act similarly to the Telegram cards, but in the form of passenger conversations.

Titanic: Honor And Glory

You don’t need to worry as you have a rope into your inventory that you can throw to catch the top of the ladder and climb to escape. You should bring the wooden boxes to the third class and the silver-colored boxes to the second class, while the boxes with golden color to the first class. Pull the lever to lift the boxes and make a way to escape. Take the right door and escape from the scene, but before you should collect the gloves from the room where the fire is burning. After leaving the room, a service tunnel gate stops you.

A Fun Mystery To Solve

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Even if you do not know what to do not worry because you will get all the necessary instructions. The Titanic slot machine is a 5-reel game with 30 paylines and a progressive jackpot bonus. Get up to 3 chances in the mystery round to try and land the progressive jackpot.